Regain mobility after brain injuries
with AI‑powered neurotechnology

Paralysis occurs when the brain cannot send the correct signals to the affected muscles.

To overcome this, patients are instructed to perform repetitive tasks with their affected body parts in order to increase brain plasticity - the brain’s ability to reorganize itself and correct its signalling. Physical training at its core is indirect brain training.

Without the ability to directly train the brain, patients recover slowly and do not reach their full potential.

The solution

With the i-BrainTech system, patients can now directly rewire their brains and recover their motor functions more effectively, particularly when utilized in conjunction with traditional rehabilitation programs.

How it works

Visualize exercise in vivid detail

Wearing an EEG brain cap, the patient is instructed to select a specific exercise to work on from our exercise list. The patient’s avatar is then transported to the simulation and the patient is prompted to visualize completing the exercise.

Control avatar with brain activity and receive immediate feedback

While the patient visualizes completing the exercise, our system decodes their brain signals and provides real-time feedback on the patient’s ability to activate brain regions responsible for motor function. The patient must activate these brain regions to a sufficient degree in order for their avatar to succeed in the exercise.

Rewire brain and recover motor skills

The real-time feedback enhances the brain’s capability to plan and execute movements. With consistent training, the patient’s brain physically rearranges itself to accommodate the rewarded brain activity. This form of training has been proven to help patients recover faster and more effectively than traditional rehabilitation programs.