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Dusan Matovic

Sektzia Nes Tziona F.C.

It was a wonderful experience! I think this is a step forward in football training and it can help players be better in all segments of the game.

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Niv Berkovitz

Maccabi Tel Aviv F.C. U19

At first I must say that I did not believe that it was something that could help me improve, but over time I really felt an improvement in concentration and also an improvement in my accuracy in situations that resembled scenarios that were in the game. Overall it was great and I would love to continue in the future as well.

Jonathan Bornstein

USA National Team Former Captain,
Chicago Fire F.C.

You hear the phrase, "train your brain" all the time in soccer and the sports world. I have finally found a way, with the i-BrainTech system, to make that a reality.

Sheran Yeini

Israel National Team,
Maccabi Tel Aviv F.C. Captain

The technology allowed me to train more efficiently and effectively in significantly less time. It was an incredible experience and I believe it can improve my performance on the field drastically. Would highly recommend it.

Brian Forsythe

Head Orthopedic Officer of Chicago Fire F.C., Team Physician of Chicago White Sox and Chicago Bulls

i-BrainTech is a leader in the field of Sports Performance. Their innovative neurofeedback technology applies AI to optimize the mental side of sports medicine. We all know how important neuromuscular control is to the elite athlete. Training the brain constitutes the new paradigm in sports medicine and neuromuscular rehab.

Valery Rosenberg

F.C. Zenit Academy Club Head Coach (Kolomyagy)

I have seen a noticeable improvement in my players’ accuracy of free kicks, passes and shots on net. Not only did the technology lead to performance improvement in live games, but it allowed me to deeply understand their strengths and weaknesses. This is a critical tool for coaches.

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Did you know…

An athlete seeking to perfect their abilities must perform thousands of repetitions. 

Repetitive physical training is:



Can lead to injuries

Physical training at its core is indirect brain training.

Without the ability to directly train the brain, athletes are unable to reach their full potential.

Introducing the i‑BrainTech system:

 a video game that you play 
 entirely with your mind. 

Proven to enhance athletic performance and facilitate a successful return to play.

Let’s see how you play

Put a cap on

Connect to avatar and enter virtual simulation

Envision movement

control avatar with brain activity and receive immediate feedback

Become better

enhance brain capability and improve physical performance

Success with FC Zenit Academy Club

in kick accuracy
in ball speed
Measured in repetitive free kicks on the field, before and after six weeks of neurotraining.

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