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Featured success stories

Portuguese Football Federation

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If every player used i-BrainTech, their results would be better

Pilot Participant, Forward
LSST Performance Test

Maccabi Tel Aviv B.C.


i-Brain is ahead of its time. This tool produces quality repetitions in the brain and our players receive additional training that improves their concentration and accuracy.

Adi Amos, U18 Head Coach
3-Point Percentage

Atlanta United FC


iBrain has allowed us to increase our exposure to different actions within a game without that same risk of having them out on the field striking a ball [repeatedly]

Ryan Alexander, Director of Sports Science
In progress
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Proven & trusted method to improve your play


Enhance ability to plan, concentrate and execute sport actions successfully

Return to play

Train while injured to maintain core skills, retain muscle memory and return to play successfully

Player analytics

Inform key performance decisions with previously inaccessible brain data

How does it work?

The i-BrainTech system is a video game you control with your mind, only.

With real-time feedback on how well you focus and visualize, you can now directly strengthen pathways in the brain for enhanced athletic performance.

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Put on brain sensory cap

Wear an EEG cap that measures brain activity in real-time.


Select training program

Choose one of our training programs tailored to your position or create a customized program.



Control your virtual avatar by visualizing completing the drills on screen. 10-25 minutes, twice a week is all it takes to improve.


Strengthen brain

When you are highly concentrated and visualize completing the drills well, you succeed in the game. Over time, the brain physically rewires itself, leading to enhanced performance.


Track results

Track your progress and see measurable improvement in brain capabilities and athletic performance on the pitch after just a few months.


What makes us unique

Train Anywhere

The training platform is available on a computer so you can reap the benefits of brain-training anywhere.

Guided Programs

The platform comes equipped with 100’s of drills spanning every position and adjustable difficulty levels, so you can keep things challenging as you improve.

Brain Analytics

Unique brain data can be used to track performance and identify strengths and weaknesses.

Immersive Environment

The platform includes a series of cognitive drills that replicate in-game scenarios, enabling you to master the mental game in advance.

Hear what the pros are saying

Sheran Yeini

Maccabi Tel Aviv F.C. Captain
Israel National Team

Training with i-BrainTech boosted my performance a lot. I have no doubt that this is the future of football training, especially for younger athletes looking to create a career in football.

Dor Jan

Paços de Ferreira

As soon as I learned of the severity of my injury I knew I had to do everything to get back on the grass well and strong. One of the options I chose to work with is i-Brain. Working with them made me relax, be sharp and maintain my brain activity. i-Brain helped me get back to the grass better and sharper.

Jonathan Bornstein

USA National Team Former Captain
Chicago Fire F.C.

You hear the phrase, "train your brain" all the time in soccer and the sports world. I have finally found a way, with the i-BrainTech system, to make that a reality.

Niv Berkovitz

Maccabi Tel Aviv F.C.

At first I must say that I did not believe that it was something that could help me improve, but over time I really felt an improvement in concentration and also an improvement in my accuracy in situations that resembled scenarios that were in the game. Overall it was great and I would love to continue in the future as well.

Brian Forsythe

Head Orthopedic Officer of Chicago Fire F.C.
Team Physician of Chicago Bulls and Chicago White Sox

i-BrainTech is a leader in the field of Sports Performance. Their innovative neurofeedback technology applies AI to optimize the mental side of sports medicine. We all know how important neuromuscular control is to the elite athlete. Training the brain constitutes the new paradigm in sports medicine and neuromuscular rehab.

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